XML data formats workshop for Monte Carlo simulations

ETH Zurich, September 11, 2006

more information can be found here.

XML in Computational Physics

The XML format offers a number of advantages for computational physics: clear markup of input data and results, standardized data formats, and easier exchange and archival stability of data. We are now starting to use it for quantum many body simulations and are in the process of developing XML schemas for classical and quantum simulations. You are welcome to join our efforts.

XML schemas for computational physics 

We have developed draft schemas and accompanying XSLT style files for:

We encourage everybody to provide input to these drafts, and to develop their own formats.

For an example output of an actual Monte Carlo simulation look at example.xml , an example XML file, which can be viewed directly using the XSLT file in Netscape 6, or Internet Explorer 6

Mailing lists

We have created a mailing list to discuss the usage of XML in computational physics: comp-phys-xml@lists.comp-phys.org

We gladly acknowledge the generous support of Altova, Inc. , the makers of the XML Spy Suite , the best product for editing and creating XML contents.